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Identify your Kindle Model

Leather Tree of Life Kindle Cover by Oberon Design

Oberon Design Genuine Leather Covers for Kindle E-readers - Hand crafted in the USA

Essential to purchasing the correct cover.

The sure fire way to identify your device is by the SERIAL NUMBER. Find your device's serial number by going into 'Settings' > 'Device Info' on your device.

The Serial Number is also shown on the 'Content and Devices' section of your Amazon account.

Use this chart to find and identify your e-reader model. Then...
- Click HERE to purchase your Leather Oasis Cover.
- Click HERE for all other Kindle e-Reader Covers.

NOTE: As of April 2019 we discontinued our line of Kindle FIRE Tablet Covers and larger model iPad Covers. We will continue making covers for iPad Minis and Kindle e-Readers.