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Order Processing & Delivery Times?

- How long does it take my order to ship?

We make your leather items when you place your order and our Britannia metal accessories are hand cast in small batches. Production usually takes 3-5 weekdays (we don't work on weekends) except during our busiest season from November through January when it can take 5-7 weekdays to make your order.

Delivery times depend on the shipping method you choose.  See more about shipping methods in our FAQ section.

Expedited Shipping:  Remember, if you pay for expedited shipping such as UPS Overnight, UPS 2-day, UPS 3-day or Express Mail, this doesn't mean your order will ship out that day.  We still have to make your item!

- What is the Order Process?

  1. You place your order on our website and receive an Order Confirmation email.  If you made the order with an account on our website you can track the status of your order along the way by logging in to your account.  You cannot track the status of an order that was placed as a "guest".
  2. When your order ships you will receive a Shipping Confirmation email from Oberon Design AND  from STAMPS.COM OR  UPS.COM (depending on the shipping method you chose) which will have your package tracking information.
Shipping?  -  Domestic & International Shipping Methods

- Where is my package shipping from?  We are located in Santa Rosa, California.

- Can I calculate shipping rates before I purchase?  Yes.  To see the available shipping options and prices, add items to the shopping cart.  Proceed to checkout and enter your shipping address.

- Do you ship internationally?  Yes.  See details below.

- Do you ship to APO/FPO and DPO addresses?  Yes.  Make sure you include the unit number, APO/FPO/DPO address, and the 9-digit ZIP Code.

- What shipping methods do you offer?  We ship via UPS or USPS.  You choose the shipping method during your checkout.  See details below.

Domestic Shipping Methods

UPS (United Parcel Service) - Packages are insured and include tracking on UPS.COM. Delivers only on business days.

    • UPS Ground: 1-6 business days for delivery (example: 1 day to Northern California, 5 days to the East Coast).
    • UPS Three-Day Select: 3 business days for delivery.
    • UPS Second Day Air: 2 business days for delivery.
    • UPS Next Day Air: Next business day delivery.

USPS (United States Postal Service) - Packages are insured and include tracking on USPS.COM or STAMPS.COM
*USPS does not guarantee estimated delivery times, nor does shipping insurance cover delayed delivery.

    • First Class Mail: For lightweight items and packages less than 13 oz.  Estimated 2-3 business days for delivery.
    • Priority Mail: 1-3 business days for delivery.
    • Priority Mail EXPRESS: Next day delivery.

    International Shipping Method

    USPS (United States Postal Service) - Packages are insured and include tracking on USPS.COM or STAMPS.COM.
    *USPS does not guarantee estimated delivery times, nor does shipping insurance cover delayed delivery. 

      • First Class Package International: Delivery time varies by destination but generally takes between 7-21 days to arrive, although the USPS does not guarantee delivery dates or times. Mail may travel to its destination by ground, air or a combination of both. 
      • Priority Mail International: Delivery time is 6-10 business days depending on the destination.
      • Priority Mail EXPRESS International: Delivery in 3-5 business days to many major market countries. 

    **Please note that the actual number of days in transit may vary based on destination and customs delays.

    ***VAT and Customs Charges
    We have no control over whether or not you will be charged a VAT customs fee and /or third party handling charges.  We do not incorporate these fees into our prices.  Contact your own country’s Customs Department for information on their policies and rates.  Oberon Design is not responsible for these types charges nor can we describe your package as a gift or sample.  Thanks for your understanding of the potential costs involved.  Please note that our products may trigger a customs inspection in countries that restrict the import of animal by-products (leather) or that censor books (Oberon journals).

    Return Policy?

    - What is your Return Policy?  Reasonable.  Our products are crafted from scratch here in our shop.  Our britannia metal accessories are hand cast in small batches and our leather products are made for you when you order it.

    We do not hold inventory.  Because of this, we ask that you choose carefully to avoid mistakes, especially when ordering a cover for a tech device.  Returns of incorrect orders for a tech device cover will be charged a 10% restocking fee (If you are unsure what model e-reader, tablet or phone you have please see the device I.D. link on each product page and/or watch one of our handy I.D. videos or contact us for help in choosing the correct mode. Thanks!)

    Oberon Design cannot be responsible for shipping costs associated with returns or exchanges unless it was our goof-up.

    Returns are not accepted on Custom Orders, Archive Specials or for items purchased on our Special Deals and Collectibles page unless there is a mistake on our part.

    Gift Cards are not returnable, nor are they redeemable for cash (except in accordance with California Law for remaining balances under $10.00)

    Return requests must be made within 4 weeks of receiving your order.  Products must be returned in the same condition and packaging you received them in along with a valid RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) within 2 weeks of receiving the RMA.  This is your mean Aunt Marge speaking, “Orders returned without the RMA, or an incomplete RMA will languish indefinitely until one of us has time to contact you!”

    Procedures for Returns:

    1. Request an RMA by emailing us at sales@oberondesign.com.  Please include your Name and Order Number along with the reason you would like to return the product.  Your request will be reviewed, and an RMA issued.
    2. Send the return/exchange item(s) and a copy of the RMA to: Oberon Design  1817 Empire Industrial Ct.  Santa Rosa, CA 95403
    3. Once we receive the items and process the return, you will receive an email notification of your refund.  Please note, we can only refund the original payment method (minus restock fee if applicable).  If the item was a gift, a gift credit for the value of the return can be issued to your email address.
    NOTE for Exchanges: 
    • To exchange an order, return your item for a refund following the procedures listed above.  Then purchase the new/exchange item(s) at your convenience.  If you need help with the new/exchange order, call us or contact us by email.  We are happy to help.
    • If you need to exchange a GIFT, a gift credit for the value of the return may be issued to you by email in the form of a gift certificate.

      IMPORTANT!  If we don't receive the package, or you don't include the RMA form, we cannot process the return/refund.  Please choose a reliable shipping method that you can track (consider insuring the package), and include all the forms and parts.

      - What if my item is defective or I've received the wrong item?  Contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to make it right.  See our Warranty information for details.

      Warranty and Repair Policies?

      - What is your Warranty? 

      We want you to be very happy with your purchase from Oberon Design.  We fully guarantee all our products against defective workmanship or materials.  Our guarantee does not cover issues of normal wear and tear or abnormal abuse of products. 

      Leather Disclaimer: Leather is a natural material, not meant to reflect a perfect surface. You should expect to see evidence of the life of the animal! 

      We do not consider any of these conditions as defects:
      • Small scars or scratches in the leather.
      • Light streaks or spots where the dye color didn’t completely saturate wrinkles on the hide.
      • Slight inconsistencies of light or black areas where the image was burned into the leather.
      • Slight variations in dye lots of leather and fabric are typical. 
      • Color.  Your cover or bag may not exactly match the color you see on your computer monitor. 

      - Do you offer Repair Services?

      Yes.  We can often fix covers that have ended up as highway roadkill or those with puppy chewed straps if the damage isn’t severe.  However, repairs require a case by case study with varying complexity.  Please send us an email with photo’s enclosed and we’ll let you know what can be done and at what cost.  Of course, if we determine that the problem originated at Oberon we will fix your cover at no charge!

      Reconditioning $30:  If you are interested in having us recondition your leather cover or accessory, please contact us to make arrangements.  We can’t promise any miracles but we’re happy to clean and condition your cover and renew bungees and thong closure straps or replace damaged buttons. 

      Britannia Metal jewelry and accessories:  Need a replacement barrette clip or single earring?  Contact us to arrange a repair or replacement.  If we are still actively casting your missing earring style we’re happy to sell a single replacement.

      Payment Methods?  -  Forms of Payment & Credit Card Questions
      We accept the following forms of credit payment:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal

      - Credit card declined during checkout?

      If knowing you have sufficient funds, you receive an error message saying your credit card is declined, in all likelihood you’ve entered your billing address incorrectly, or the billing address you’ve submitted is different than it appears on your credit card statement.  The process of checking your credit card for sufficient funds is done automatically and instantaneously by a credit card processing center whose security level settings are high.

      Billing addresses, zip codes and names must exactly match what your credit card company has on file or your order won’t be approved by the processing center.

      Please Note:  If you attempt to enter an incorrect address more than a few times on our site, pressing the final submit buttons, The attempted charges to your card may be flagged by your credit card company or bank. Though these charges have been declined (we have not received any money), depending on your bank’s procedures, it may take several days for the charges to drop from your banks records.  We have no control over these activities.

      Questions About Oberon Products?  -  Images, Colors, Fillers & Inserts
      Fillers & Inserts for Leather Covers?

      - Are your covers refillable?Why yes!  All of the leather covers we make are refillable.  All covers are sold with a filler included except Large and Pocket Notebook Covers (**Large and Pocket Notebook Covers are sold without an insert** Click here to purchase ruled Moleskine Brand Notebook for our Large and Pocket Notebook Covers

      - Need extra book fillers, refills and inserts?  Click here.

      - Do you sell a lined journal insert for the Original Journals?  No, our Original Journals and Icon Journals come supplied with a hardbound blank, unlined book insert.  However, they contain a removable sheet of paper with bold lines to aide with straight line writing.  Simply put the template sheet behind the page you are writing on and the lines show through.  Our purpose in offering an unlined insert is that it facilitates a multi-use aspect to our book filler that would be inhibited by lines, i.e. sketching and drawing, diagrams, and scrapbooking.

      - What alternative insert will fit my cover?  When shopping for alternative fillers/inserts it’s very important to note the correct dimensions for our covers - the most important dimension being the depth or width of the spine. You can start by checking our page of alternative fillers for almost all of our covers. We know for sure that these fit. CLICK HERE. If the book insert is too deep (too many pages) our cover won’t fit around it and will crack the spine of the oversize book you try to jam in!

      Insert sizes for our Covers:  An insert smaller than these dimensions will work, it’s up to you how much the insert can ‘swim’ inside the cover!

      • 6 x 9 Original Large Journal & Icon Journals:
        insert size 5.5 x 8.5 inches with 1 inch spine.
      • 5 x 7 Original Small Journal:
        insert size 4.5 x 6.25 inches with 3/4 inch spine.
      • 9 x 12 Extra Large Journal/Sketchbook:
        insert size 8.25 x 11 inches with 1 inch spine.
      • 6 x 9 Large Notebook Cover:
        insert size 5.25 x 8.25 inches with 5/8 inch spine.
      • 4.25 x 6 Pocket Notebook Cover:
        insert size 3.5 x 5.5 inches with 1/2 inch spine.
      • 8 x 10.5 Composition Notebook Cover:
        insert size 7.5 x 9.75 inches with 1/2 inch spine.

      Moleskine Notebooks and Journal Cover Inserts are not Interchangable!

      Though both large moleskine notebook and large journal covers have exterior measurements of 6 x 9 inches, the Moleskine cover is slimmer in depth to accommodate the thinner format, fewer pages, of the line Moleskine notebook.
      The Oberon journal hardbound book insert is nearly double the thickness and is not compatible with a Moleskine cover. Our Large Moleskine Notebook cover is 7/8" thick and our Large Journal Coves measures 1.25" thick.

      Portfolio Inserts

      Our large portfolios with notepads require a top folding pad measuring 8.5 inches wide by 11.75 inches tall for the large. This is a standard size ( non-legal). The small Portfolio requires a top folding pad measuring 5" x 8" inches. To buy our pads Click Here for Parts & Fillers .

      Caring for Oberon leather products

      We use a specific product in our shop to condition and ‘feed’ our leather covers. Look for Bick Leather Lotion on our Parts & Fillers page. Click Here for the Leather Care Page. Click here for our Britannia Metal Care Page

      Finding Oberon Products in Stores

      Please Note: Items that can be found in stores are: Journals, Checkbooks, Cardholders, Portfolios, Phone Cases and Pewter goods. We do not wholesale our ‘tech’ covers or handbags, wallets and other leather accessories. They can only be purchased on our site.
      We sell to many great stores across the country. However, because our line encompasses so many image and color variables, requests for us to locate a specific product in a store in your area is almost impossible. That being said, we’d be happy to try to find stores in or around your location selling the Oberon product line. Email us at sales@oberondesign.com with surrounding zip codes near your town or city and we’ll try to find a store that sells our products.

      Where are your products made?

      Aside from inserts that fill our products we make everything we sell at Oberon Design in Santa Rosa, CA. All of our leather products are made for you when you place your order. We do not hold an inventory of pre-made leather products. Pewter products are made in small batches and often ship the next day.

      Inter-changeability of Product Images, Colors & Buttons

      Buttons: Journal buttons are not interchangeable with the buttons on the eReader covers we make. These buttons are entirely different in design construction so journal buttons won’t work on Kindle and Tech device covers. We do not offer personal choice of buttons on any cover. With careful thought to design, we have selected the button that truly enhances the image on your cover.

      Images: Over many years we’ve created a graphic library of images that we utilize throughout our product line. Of our leather product lines our refillable leather journals have the widest image and color selection as this is the product we’ve been making the longest. If you don’t see an image in your product category that means, in all probability, we don’t offer it. 

      Colors: In many years of selling our products in both retail and wholesale venues, we’ve learned that most images are very popular in one or two colors, maximum. We track this information and sell the images in those colors only. This helps our customers avoid color choices that are inappropriate or in the case of dark colors, render the image difficult to see, etc. We may also limit the color choice because we find that the image is impossible to successfully produce in a challenging color.

      Custom Color & Button Combinations: As of June, 2013 we have introduced a program that allows customers to order a custom color and/or button combination for a $25 fee on a selection of our products For more information Click Here for the Custom Combination Page.

      Do you do custom work?

      We’re sorry but we never do custom work involving one product piece or image, the set up process for a single item is too expensive! If you’d like to purchase our goods in large quantities for a special project or event, please contact us with your information at sales@oberondesign.com and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.


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