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Did you know? - All of our hand-made Leather covers are infinitely refillable.

An all-leather labor of love!

Luxury in Leather with all the right pockets in all the right places!

The perfect marriage of hi-tech devices with old-school hand crafted artistry

Our Products are handmade in Santa Rosa, California


Leather Cover for Kindle e-Readers, Hummingbird

This beautiful, hand-made leather cover for Kindle e-Readers will provide your device with secure protection while adding an elegant touch. Crafted in the USA from genuine leather and boasting a delightful Hummingbird design, this cover is a perfect blend of practicality, finesse and sophistication.

Genuine Leather covers for Paperwhite, Voyage and Basic Kindle E-Readers. Hand crafted the U.S.A. Click Here for Kindle Oasis Covers