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Large Journal vs Large Notebook Covers

What's the difference between the Large Notebook Covers and the Large Journal?

Journal vs Notebook flat compare
Acanthus = Large Notebook, Roof of Heaven = Large Journal



  • Large Journal: This is our original Journal style. It comes with a hard bound blank filler included. This fits standard A5 notebooks like Rhodia and Leuchtturm brands.
  • Large Notebook Cover: This cover is made for the thinner style notebooks like Moleskine** and similar brand notebooks. A filler is NOT included with this cover. A5 standard size notebooks will not fit this cover.
  • Both covers are 6 x 9 inches folded with an insert inside. The difference is in the width of the spine, which is about 7/8 inch on the Large Notebook cover and 1 1/4 inch on the Large Journal cover (measurements are the filler and cover together).
  • The fillers for the Original Large Journal is nearly double the thickness and is not compatible with a Large Notebook Cover.
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