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The perfect marriage of hi-tech devices with old-school hand crafted artistry

Did you know? - All of our hand made leather covers are infinitely refillable.

Celtic Jewelry & Hair Accessories

An luífeása le mo mhuintirse? ~Gaelic

Would you like to be buried with my people? ~Translation (a strange wedding proposal)

  • HAND-CAST: Our hand cast earrings, necklaces and barrettes all feature the highest quality materials. Light weight and distinctive, we offer a variety of sizes and styles.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Oberon hair accessories are collectible and are perfect gifts for the women and girls in your life.
  • Our Britannia Metal jewelry contains no cadmium, lead or other toxic metals.
Earrings, Harmony Knot 1 review $ 18.95
Necklace, Harmony Knot 1 review $ 30.00