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Celtic Collection

The use of Celtic symbols in various art forms dates back to the sixth century. Various Celtic knots were used in metalwork, stonework, and illuminated manuscripts, often in sacred contexts. The ubiquity of these symbols began to decline around the ninth century, and their last known use was captured on a series of Celtic crosses dating back to the twelfth century.  

Ancient Celtic symbols were rediscovered during the Celtic Art Revival of the late nineteenth century, becoming a focal point for renewed pride and interest in Irish cultural heritage. While the original meanings of these symbols have been lost over time, Celtic knots and braids are said to symbolize the continuity of life, having no discernible beginning or end. Celtic hounds, an homage to the ancient Celts’ revered hunting companions, are said to convey loyalty and protection. Celtic horses and the Celtic oak are represented throughout Irish mythology as symbols of status, strength, and wisdom.