We proudly design and manufacture all of our products in the United States. All of the design work, manufacturing and production is done in our studio shop in Santa Rosa California.


Hair Clip, Barrette, Hojalata 100mm


[oh-ha-lah-tah] This hand-cast Britannia Metal barrette is reminiscent of traditional Mexican Tinwork or "Hojalata", which dates back to the 16th Century colonial period. Many credit the state of Guanajuato (Coco, our metal casting expert's own home state), as the birthplace of this art form.
Considered Mexican colonial hacienda and folk art, the material was easy to work with and economical. Often called the poor man’s silver, tin was pounded, stamped and punched to form many elaborately decorated and functional works of art replicating many of the techniques and designs of its more expensive counterpart, silver.
Historically, tin has been used to craft mirror frames, crosses, candelabras, ornaments, jewelry, boxes, figures, and bowls, and was often the material used to make religious nichos – a shadow box – for saints, religious objects, altars and shrines to ancestors, commonly used during the Day of Dead celebrations or at Christmas and other religious holidays.

We love the ornate detail to our own Britannia metal version of the traditional Hojalata. We hope you will too.

New 'Clio Clip' hair clip mechanism makes these better than ever! Learn More HERE.

Clip Size:100 mm, Overall Dimensions: 4 x 1.875 inches / 10.2 x 4.8 cm, Weight: 1 ounce / 29 grams 

Learn about Britannia Metal care here

Oberon Design Hair Barrettes

Show Off Your Unique Style: Why settle for ordinary, mass-market hair accessories? This stunning barrette gives any hairstyle an elegant, sophisticated look.

Dress It Up Or Down: From everyday wear to casual office-appropriate pony or romantic, wedding-worthy updo, your Oberon Design art piece is the perfect fit.

Secure & Comfortable Hold For Most Hair Types: Whether your hair is thick or thin, fine or coarse, curly or straight, your favorite styles are a breeze to manage with the superior clip design.

Handcrafted In The USA & Guaranteed: Hand cast from 100% Britannia metal right here in our California workshop using quality clip mechanisms. This heirloom worthy piece is jewelry for your hair. 

Makes a great gift: With many sizes and styles to choose from, our hair accessories are collectible.

New 'Clio Clip' hair clip mechanism makes these better than ever!  Learn More HERE.

Our new Clio Clip French style clip mechanisms make our Hair Barrettes better than ever! -What makes these the best?

✦ Made of 25 gauge high carbon steel, it is thicker than any other hair clip mechanism on the market.

✦ Each clip has a strong, secure, and smooth base with a tension bar to hold your hair in place.

✦ These hair clips are nickel free with hypoallergenic plating.

✦ They’re even sturdier than before while not losing their flexibility.

✦ And there are no loose parts to trap and pull hair.

Now available on 80 mm and 70 mm sizes.

60 mm and 100 mm sizes are still the 'Made in France' clip mechanism while supplies last.

Clip Size Guide

60 mm - For those with fine hair or for partial updos and styles with small pieces of the hair clipped.

70 mm - A good common size that usually works for all hair types. Use for clipping a small portion of your hair or wrap it all up in this clip, depending on your hair type.

80 mm - A popular size that is great for full updos or or partial ponytails, depending on your fair type.

100 mm - Great for thick and abundant hair, for partial updos, ponytails, partial ponytails, twists or messy buns.

Clip mechanisms are measured on their full length, end to end (industry standard). The opening size has been noted here to help you visualize.