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Leather Colors

Curious about colors? Particular about your color choice? Please scroll down to see all the information here.

Will my cover be the same color as the one I see on your site?

Leather is a natural product. Variation in grain, texture and color are bound to occur. We use specialized equipment to photograph our covers and do our best to insure color accuracy and consistency. We have done the same with the swatches presented here.  However, these are representative only and may not be exactly the same as what you'll see in real life. Please keep in mind that:

  • What you see on your screen may not be exactly what you'll see, cover in hand.
  • Device screens and their settings are highly variable regarding color representations.
  • There can be variations in dye lots we receive from the tannery every 4-6 months, usually very slight.
  • We cannot re-photograph every product with every new lot of leather.
  • The biggest variable for what "sky blue" or "marigold" (for example) should look like, is one's own personal perspective and expectations.

Please make your color choice with a generous spirit. If you are particular about color choices we highly recommend ordering a color sample swatch set. Order a set of Leather Color Samples. Click Here.

Oberon Design Navy Leather Color Sample


Oberon Design Fern Leather Color Sample
Oberon Design Chocolate Leather Color Sample


Sky Blue

Oberon Design Red Leather Color Sample

Oberon Design Green Leather Color Sample

Oberon Design Saddle Leather Color Sample

Oberon Design Wine Leather Color Sample

Oberon Design Orchid Leather Color Sample

Orchid* - not available for
some custom work

Oberon Design Teal Leather Color Sample

Oberon Design Marigold Leather Color Sample

Marigold* not available for custom work
*NOTE: Marigold and Orchid are challenging to work with and are not available for custom work at this time.


Blue Leather Color Variations

Dye Colors:

Our leather is dyed at the tannery. Colors can vary slightly depending on the dye lot. Our leather is drum-dyed, meaning the dye penetrates completely and will never scuff white. Only plastic or vinyl covers present a flawless surface. The plus side of less coated leather like ours is that it’s less processed and will absorb natural oils from your hands that guarantee your cover and color will develop a deep, glossy patina over time.

To achieve the rich black in our imagery we must avoid pastel colors that require the use of white pigments (paint) in the tanning process. This is why white, pink, baby blue, and pale yellows and greens are not included in our color spectrum. Dyed leather containing white pigments produce a muddy grey color when burned that we find unappealing, even ugly.

Leather Fading:

Our leather, like all high quality leather, is deep drum dyed, not painted. Painted leather is less susceptible to fading but will scuff to a white layer underneath the paint and only vinyl or plastic coated leather will never fade.

All drum dyed leather will fade over time, especially those in the least stable spectrums of blue and purple. Once faded, the original dye cannot be restored. To avoid long term fading or radical short term fading caused by intense, direct sunlight, avoid leaving your cover on car seats or dashboards, in window seats, sills, or bright sunlight at the beach.

Also protect your cover, in any color, from long term exposure to window or skylight exposure (or extremely bright florescent lights) by storing your cover in a drawer or shelf where it's protected. Keeping your cover well conditioned will help. Thank you!

Color & Image Combinations: Can I have my cover in a different color?

The color and image choices offered for each product is selected for specific reasons: aesthetics, popularity and technical complexity. Our dense, complex line images can’t be seen very well in dark colors and for technical reasons, certain images cannot be produced to our quality standard in particular colors. There is method to the madness! Though some of our images look great in multiple colors, the first color choice shown on the product pages of our site is generally both the most popular and /or selected by the artists as the most appropriate.

Certain products are available in custom color/image combinations.  Customization charges start at $25. See our Custom Product Page for more information.

Thanks for reading about Oberon leather colors!