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We proudly design and manufacture all of our products in the United States. All of the design work, manufacturing and production is done in our studio shop in Santa Rosa California.

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Custom Fee Details

Our custom fee is for any change to the standard product selection. 

We offer a huge line of bench crafted covers that we make in a selection of standard color/image/button options. While we would love to be able to make a customized piece for every one of our customers, we do have a finely tuned production system and a rigorous production schedule.

Please consider that there is more that goes into any type of customization than simply leaving parts or a piece off or switching one color for another.

Any variation to an order (ie; special color/image/button combinations) requires a lot more in the way of order processing, steps and procedures in production, etc. than what may seem a simple tweak.  The customization fee is a reasonable charge that helps us to offset the costs offering a non-standard/individually customized pieces.

We hope that helps understand the method to what may seem like madness.