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Leather Necklace Slider Bead Thong Replacement

An Oberon innovation! Each thong has two hand cast Britannia metal slider beads that allow the wearer to adjust the necklace length from 12 to 24 inches. This insures a wonderful flexibility of styles from choker to long medallion.

To replace your necklace thong hold your pewter medallion in one hand and pinch together the non-slider bead end of the thong so the two sides make a narrow u shape. Slide the pinched end through the opening at the top of the necklace and loop it under and through the necklace thong. Finally, pull on the medallion to tighten the knot.

Note: you cannot use the replacement thong on the following Oberon necklaces: Oak Leaf and New Leaf. They are constructed differently. For re-stringing of the Oak Leaf and New Leaf necklaces, please contact us.