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The perfect marriage of hi-tech devices with old-school hand crafted artistry

Did you know? - All of our hand made leather covers are infinitely refillable.

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Replacement Bungee Cords

Marine grade bungees:

Our covers and wallets utilize a variety of bungee lengths. Choose the bungee set for the product you own. Thanks!

Depending on the product model, you'll receive either one or multiple bungees. The replacement is product specific.

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    Steve P.
    United States United States

    Oberon is the best!

    I had kept the free replacement bungies that came with my kindle cover for 8 years (and knew exactly where they were), but the moment I needed one... Had to modify my old cover to fit my new kindle. Would love to buy a new cover just dont have money. Was so glad I could just get the replacement bungies for cheap. Thank you guys.

    Lynn K.
    United States United States


    Works perfectly!

    Monica H.
    United States United States

    One of many

    I’ve purchased numerous Oberon products over the years, the very first one being a journal for my husband over 10 years ago. Since then, iPhone and iPad covers, a wallet, journals and a purse. I’ve never found anything like the quality, durability and beauty of Oberon products anywhere else. And, it’s fun deciding what design to get! Thank you, Oberon!

    Marcia C.
    United States

    Replacement bungee cords

    Love these. I use my Kindle so much the bungee cord gets stretched and loose. Put new one on and it's great.

    James K.
    United States

    IPad bungee cords

    Absolutely no problem with ordering ease, fast shipment, or product quality. But the bungee cords seem to be slightly longer than the set that was in my cover/case when I bought it 5 plus years ago (or perhaps I ordered the wrong set) and the IPad is not held as well/tightly as originally.

    William B.
    United States

    Too old! I don’t think so!!

    Maybe 10 years ago I bought a Kindle reader for my wife, I also bought a Tree of Life cover for it. At the time this was cutting edge tech. Over the years the reader got replaced with a tablet, then a Paperwhite reader etc. the old tech was put in a drawer and forgotten for years, only kept because the Oberon cover was too good to part with, the reader, not so much. I recently bought a 8in. Kindle Fire tablet and to my delight found that it fits the Beautiful cover I bought so many years ago, BUT, the elastic bands had degraded over the years. To my surprise Oberon has OE replacements for them for a pittance returning this beautiful protective cover to like new condition! What a Company!! Seriously, In the throw away world today with so much waste this company deserves your support! Best materials, Best design, Best support!! Do yourself ( and the planet ) a favor and buy from a company that makes things that you can cherish and pass down to your grand children! Sincerely, William Buck

    Mark J.
    United States

    Bungee replacements

    After a few years of steady use a bungee wore through. I needed a replacement. Ordering the replacement was easy. The item was shipped quickly. I love my Oberon covers. The company is easy to do business with. I give them high praise.

    Samantha K.
    United States

    Love Oberon products!

    My Mom got me a nook case from these guys several years ago and it's still going strong. I'm sure the bungees would still be great too, but I have kittens who like to chew on anything string like and they chewed the clasp bungee in three pieces! I'm probably going to be ordering these again, but I may have to ask specifically to JUST get the one that holds the case shut, the interior one is more than fine. :)

    Harry E.
    United States

    Replacement Bungee Cord works great, but....

    At $2.00, including shipping, it was indeed inexpensive, and it works great, holding the cover tightly closed. Just don't be surprised when it arrives in the mail and you open the envelope, there is only one cord, not 3 as is shown in the picture.

    Rick A.
    United States

    A Touch of Class

    ereaders are functional products, but you can add a touch of class with an Oberon leather cover. I have used an Oberon cover on my last several Kindles, and my wife likes the look of them too. A kindle cover and matching iPhone cover made a great gift for my mother.

    Warren B.
    United States

    Wife thrilled again!!

    Always my wife's favorite gifts are from Oberon Design. These folks are wonderful. Buy without worry and relish the quality and beauty.

    Glenys L.

    My cover will live forever !

    This is the second time we've ordered replacement bungee cords for one of our covers. The first was for an iPad (original) cover - the original cords lasted in excess of 5 years I'd say, and were still holding the ipad in place despite the fact that it was lugged and positioned everywhich way on a daily basis. This time we ordered them for my original Kindle cover, which is again close to 5 years old, and the cords had only just started to stretch a bit. With replacement cords this easy to get, all our ipad, kindle, etc. covers will last forever! Thank you Oberon for making it that easy. Just another example of great service, and great product.