We proudly design and manufacture all of our products in the United States. All of the design work, manufacturing and production is done in our studio shop in Santa Rosa California.

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VIDEO REVIEW Leather iPhone Cases by

"I’ve reviewed plenty of stuff from Oberon Design and each time I’ve done so I’ve come away more and more impressed.  I simply can not stress upon you enough how amazing the company’s stuff is.  Cases and bags that are hand-crafted by artisans simply can not to compare to things that are mass produced in a factory by a machine."

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VIDEO REVIEW Laptop Messenger Bag by

"Simply put Oberon Design spared no expense when it came time to create their Messenger line of bags.  It’s as though they took a look at what the minimum requirements might be to construct a basic messenger bad and then multiplied them by 10.  The result?  A bag with quality that is unmatched by almost anything else on the market."

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VIDEO REVIEW Laptop Messenger Bag by

Excellent craftsmanship — bags are handmade of 99 different pieces, and they scream quality...

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Oberon Leather iPad Mini Case


Oberon iPad Mini Case Review
by Amy Pearson - 5/2013

"...when someone pointed out the Oberon Design iPad mini cover, my attention was caught immediately. The case itself is nothing short of a work of art. Hand-crafted from leather, and with a pewter button closure, the case is beautiful, though it does come with a price tag that is not for the faint of heart ($73). I chose the Celtic Hounds cover in Walnut ." Read More...



Oberon Design Celtic Hounds Kindle Fire Cover  - 12/2011

"How much do I love my Oberon Design cover for my Nook Touch? Enough that I was looking forward to a new cover for my Kindle Fire almost as much as I was looking forward to the device itself! "......Read More....



Oberon Design Celtic Hounds iPad mini Cover - by Patrick Jordan - 12/2012

Leather iPad Mini Case

"I’ve already mentioned the Oberon Design Celtic Hounds iPad mini Cover once on this site. I referred to it as, and titled my post, The Most Beautiful iPad Case. Ever. I published that post just a day after receiving the case. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now, and the shine has definitely not worn off at all; I still find this a stunningly gorgeous case."...Read More....


Oberon iPad Cover Review
in Español by Smokyesa1313....

Oberon Design Leather
iPad Mini Case Review

"... we can always expect consistent high-quality designs that add serious flare and personality to iPad. Oberon is not your run-of-the-mill iPad case. It’s more like wrapping your iPad in a very fine book cover. The leather is rich with texture and extremely durable. On the full sized iPad it added a notable amount of size and weight, but with the Mini it’s not as big of a deal..." Read More....



Lila Leather Handbag


"This is a GREAT small purse for everyday running around. Perfect when you do not want to stuff everything in your pockets. It can hold your phone and wallet, even reading glasses too. It looks classic enough to dress up but casual for jeans too. Great to toss over your shoulder and have two hands free to shop but not the extra weight of a big purse to strain your neck. I really love it." - Customer review by Donna


Leather Smartphone Wallets, Cell Phone Wallets, Android & iPhone Wallet

"This smart phone wallet exceeded my expectations in almost every way. I had been looking to no avail for a leather wallet that my phone would snap into with room for cards on the other side but none seemed to be available that would fit my Galaxy Blaze. This wallet is therefore a bit larger than I was looking for, but it only took a couple of days to get used to it. The workmanship is superb." - William Celtic Hounds Leather Smart Phone Wallet



Leather Women's Handbags


"I have never had so many compliments for a bag! Complete strangers tell me how beautiful it is, and ask where to purchase it. It is easy to adjust the strap. Even on the go. It holds more than enough. I have wallet, phone sleeve, glasses (sun & reading), medication and a small journal. My bag is like heaven :) I love it!" - Melanie - Avenue of Trees Retro Cross Body Handbag

 Oberon Design Leather Device Covers

"Love it!!! Four Stars - Great!!!"

"First, the pics of the products caught my eye right away. They are gorgeous. I watched the video for my style Kindle and I felt assured I was buying something that would keep my device safe and secure. When I learned the dimensions of the cover, my second requirement was fulfilled. It would not bulk up my Kindle. When my cover was delivered I was sooo happy! Third requirement also fulfiled. It is BEAUTIFUL! I love carrying it around, I flash it for all to see. I am soooo pleased with my purchase..." - -Mardi -  Hummingbird Kindle Cover



"I discovered Oberon through a review site for Kindle covers. There was much love for the detail, the craftsmanship and the quality so I decided to take a punt. The review was woefully inadequate with its superlatives for my K3 Celtic Hounds in Wine. The contrast between the tech of the Kindle and the traditional medieval designed leather is wonderful and gives a tactile aesthetic pleasure to ereading.  I've ordered a Roses in Orchid for my iPad just for more Oberon beauty in my home and look forward to the leather mellowing and gaining the patina of use that a year has given the Kindle." - Hannah - Celtic Hounds Kindle Cover

"Just wanted to say thank you."


"...I'm so happy with this little purchase. I know it isn't an earthshaking acquisition, but as far as I'm concerned, as long as I'm alive and you are in business, I will always find a way to use these.  As I tell my girlfriend, it was a successful retail shopping experience!
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 Oberon Design Hair Accessories

"The best hair comb ever!"

"I purchased this hair comb back in May and have used it virtually every day since. Super quality that is made to last. The pewter is still lovely. These are very sturdy and hold even my fine hair all day long. Lightweight and comfortable, I don't even notice I'm wearing it. If you are on the fence about purchasing this comb....don't be! The best hair accessory I've ever had, really." - customer review by Astrid



iPhone Wallet Case System

"I bought this for my brand new iPhone 6s Plus to protect my investment! It is absolutely gorgeous in the navy paisley design and basically I use this wallet to go everywhere as it has slots for my license and credit cards and cash can be stored safely in the space behind. The separate surround with the phone also works perfectly by itself and is minimal and easy to use. The flap on the back really does double as a stand for the phone making it stand up nicely for as long as you need it to. I like the elastic as it keeps everything really secure. I had a wallet from Oberon Design for my previous smaller iPhone which was much more simple in design and I loved it too, however this one is a much more sophisticated cover and again, will probably outlast the phone (as did the previous one)! Highly recommended."
~ Customer Review

Leather iPhone Cases

Leather iPhone Cases

"The phone case surpassed my expectations. I ordered the cloud dragon in red. The detail is beautiful and the color is a lovely dark red. Every day I receive compliments on the case."

Waxed Canvas & Leather
Messenger Bag

Waxed Canvas & Leather Messenger Bag

"This is a bag that will last a lifetime and will only get better looking with age" - Review by


“A bag with quality that is unmatched by almost anything else on the market.”…..  “Every single one of their products oozes with meticulous craftsmanship, the sort of craftsmanship you find in a product that was made with a person’s actual hands.”  - Review by


"Absolutely love mine! All are jealous in my office! Thank you so much for such a wonderful quality product!!!" - Deb


"I received mine yesterday and it is PERFECTION!!!! Smells SO good too!!"
- Jennifer


"I'm so happy with mine. Every time I take it out for a spin I get compliments on it. Craftsmanship at its best!" - Diana


My Messenger Bag just arrived! It is THE most gorgeous thing ever! Thanks so much for your fine work guys! - Kerri



Britannia Metal
Owl Hairclip


Britannia Metal Owl Hairclip

"A perfect clip...gorgeous detail and craftsmanship, ornamental but so functional; not too heavy, holds lots of hair or just a bit without slipping...very reasonably priced for such excellent quality!"


"Anything bought from Oberon will last you for YEARS to come. These are investment pieces to be cherished" - Customer Review