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Amy's Holiday List

These are a few of my favorite things; for giving (and receiving). 

  • Pocket Notebooks - Everyone can use a notebook. 
  • Small Casual Crossbody Handbags - The "Molly" or the "Becca or the "Lilah", these are so great for when you need just the essentials.
  • Earrings & Necklaces - There are so many different styles. It's fun to collect them. There's a style for every mood.
  • Card Holders - I've got more than a few of these, they are so handy for all the cards we collect; Store Cards, Gift Cards, Frequent visit punch cards, Credit, ID and Business Cards.
  • Messenger Bags - Best bag ever for travel, school and work. I love this!
  • Anything Acanthus (my current favorite embossed image design)- It is subtle, classy and the detail is fantastic.