Veterans Stories:

Veterans Stories: Thinking of parents and friends today who were and are war veterans. I was very moved by a couple of articles I heard on the way to work this mornings. Here are a few interesting links honoring soldiers stories that fought both in WWI & II, Korea, and in Asia and the Middle East. Becca

The Memory Project…allied vets from WW1 & 2:

A veterans program I’m involved with at the Veterans Home in Yountville CA that aids vets with PTS:

A new multimedia stage play called Basetrack Live…referencing the name of a social media site for soldiers and their families.

And the tattoo art form, not for the squeamish, The War Ink Project… “ both exhibit and forum, using tattoos as a springboard for California veterans to share their stories. Stark, beautiful, disturbing, and often darkly humorous, these tattoos are visual expression of memories and emotions…..”.

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