To Our Dear Customers, a message from Oberon-land,We are happy to...

To Our Dear Customers, a message from Oberon-land,

We are happy to say that although it was a very close call, gratefully, we have survived the fires and despite the tremendous losses to our community, are in good spirits and good shape.  Thanks to all for your enquiries and well-wishes.

I have been working on a leather tote idea for quite a while, with lots of help from everyone here, and I believe we have come up with one of the nicest designs we have released in many, many years.

We hope you agree…From Brendan and Becca

It’s a classic tote shape with an Oberon twist, and it is large enough for lots of cargo without being too bulky.
In honor of our beautiful home, we present:
The Sonoma Tote

This lovely new addition to our handbag line will be priced according to our  Oberon Direct program, direct from us to you. No wholesaling means we are able to bring this exclusively to you at a very reasonable price for a premium, US bench-craft product.
In support of the vital ongoing efforts, with this introductory offer $20 of every purchase will go directly to the
Sonoma County Fire Relief Fund.

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