The Weekly Surprise: This week we celebrate the birthday of...

The Weekly Surprise:
This week we celebrate the birthday of Camille Flammarion, February 26th, with a 15% discount on any Roof of Heaven Kindle model found on this page:…/p…/roof-of-heaven-kindle-cover

The Oberon Roof of Heaven, one of our most popular images, first appeared in a book called L’Atmosphere written by Flammarion, a French astronomer. To read about the history of the original engraving click here:

Camille Flammarion: Born in 1842, Flammarion was a French astronomer who is best known as an author able to make the science of astronomy accessible to the public. He was especially interested in the planet Mars and attributed its color and geophysical characteristics, as seen through telescopes of his period, to be evidence of extraterrestrial life. He was also climatologist, a novelist and late in life became interested in psychic research. To read an article and interview with Flammarion published in McClure’s Magazine in 1884 click here:…/FlammarionCamille-Bio.htm

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