The Weekly Surprise! 15% off our Ginkgo Covers.

We’ve added 3 new products with our Ginkgo image; Checkbook Covers, Card Holders and Pocket Notebook Covers.  To kick off this new release, we’re offering 15% off our Ginkgo image covers this week through March 5th!

Ginkgo trees are considered living fossils that were once found growing worldwide. Fossil remains date back 270 million years. Humans have benefited from their profound medicinal qualities for centuries and designers and artists have utilized their beautiful form from B.C. to the present time. “It (Ginkgo) appeals to the historic soul: we see it as an emblem of changelessness, a heritage from worlds too remote for our human intelligence to grasp, a tree which has in its keeping the secrets of the immeasurable past.” Sir Albert Seward

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