The Silent Language of the Rose Serene and elegant, the rose has...

The Silent Language of the Rose

Serene and elegant, the rose has long been valued for its beauty and sensuous aroma. It is the world’s most recognized and celebrated flower, presented to commemorate every occasion one can imagine. Over time the meaning of the rose has evolved to become the universal symbol of love.

Special and uniquely symbolic, the rose has its own secret language. During England’s Victorian Era, a period regarded as moralistic and rigid, the Victorian’s relied heavily upon the secret language of the rose. Silently conveying a message the Victorians were reluctant to express with words, they used the rose to express love, jealousy, sadness and even anger.

Do you know that size and even the number of petals has a symbolic meaning? A rose with seven petals represents inclusion and order, imparting the feeling that all is right in one’s world. A single red rosebud represents innocence and young love, while a mature rose in full bloom embodies enduring love, silently expressing “I love you.” Combine red roses with roses of another color and the symbolism takes on a new meaning.  White roses combined with dark red roses signify a deep connection, and when combined with yellow roses you have a symbol for a new, joyful love.

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