Thanksgiving as a celebration of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving as a celebration of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Oberon!

Rather than the historic fable of starving immigrant separatists with big hats and shoe buckles and friendly Native American tribes, later wiped out by disease and slavery, one could say that most Americans celebrate Thanksgiving as a family holiday that includes a big, traditional meal, football and the Macy’s Day parade on T.V., including the usual interpersonal drama’s that occur at big family get-togethers. (See: one of my favorite movies on the topic, Home for the Holidays with Holly Hunter and Robert Downy Jr.).  On Thanksgiving, even more than at Christmas, we think of feeding the poor and homeless in the spirit of the original Thanksgiving story, while we try not to argue about which way to cook the turkey. However, being conscious of caring for others one day of the year falls short of a greater goal, that of cultivating gratitude and kindness as daily, not occasional virtues and instilling those qualities in children. If traditionalists want to continue to celebrate the historical, geopolitical origin of Thanksgiving, great! Yet, Thanksgiving is also celebrated by millions as a family holiday and national Day of Thanks that celebrates the abundance surrounding us.  I’ll start by thanking all our fans for being so enthusiastic and interested in what we do at Oberon. We are very grateful for your support! We hope your Thanksgiving day is full of hope and love and a full belly!

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