Purchase a Moon Necklace here: http://ss1.us/a/VIyV5qNANative...

Purchase a Moon Necklace here: http://ss1.us/a/VIyV5qNA

Native American tribes express practical, but very poetic names for moon cycles. Here are some favorites of mine:

January: Moon of life at it’s height  (Hopi SW Arizona)
February: Shoulder to shoulder round the fire moon (Whishram…Oregon)
March: Water stands in the ponds moon (Ponca…Southern Plains)
April: Sugar maker moon  (Abenaki…NE Maine)
May: Moon when the ponies shed  (Sioux…Great Plains)
June: Green corn moon  (Cherokee, Carolinas) 
July: When limbs are broken by fruit moon (Zuni…New Mexico)
August: Feather shedding moon  (Passamaquoddy St. Croix River Region)
September: Little chestnut moon  (Creek…Alabama, Georgia)
October:  moon when the wind shakes off leaves  (Lakota…Northern Plains)
November: Moon of the panther (Choctaw…Mississippi, Louisiana)
December: Berries ripen moon (Haida…Alaska)

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