Pocket Notebook CoversThinking of traveling in the coming months?...

Pocket Notebook Covers

Thinking of traveling in the coming months? Enrich your travel experience by documenting it with stories and drawings, perceptions on culture, reviews of hotels and restaurants, notes on museum and historic sights such as ruins, temples and cathedrals, and reminiscences of conversations and encounters with locals and fellow travelers along the way.
Don’t rely on the transient quality of memory. Have you ever returned home from a wonderful travel experience only to feel the details slipping away as soon as you board the plane? Each day of planned vacation can be jam packed with experiences profound & trivial. Don’t let the subtle parts evaporate. Help yourself remember the people you spoke with. Describe the especially romantic sunset or brilliant sunrise colors on water from the balcony of a rustic or majestic setting. Get it in writing!

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