Pablo Neruda (July 1904-1973)World Tree covers:...

Pablo Neruda (July 1904-1973)
World Tree covers:

The literary giant, Chilean poet and diplomat Pablo Neruda died in 1973 of reported heart failure. However, it was suspected at the time that Neruda was a victim of the coup by the notorious General Augusto Pinochet and assassinated for political reasons, like his fellow poet and friend Garcia Lorca in Spain.  As of May 2015, forensic tests ordered by the Chilean government are ongoing.

Adored my millions as a poet, Neruda was considered a Surrealist writer famous for this passionate love poems. 


I Ask for Silence by Pablo Neruda

“Now leave me in peace
and learn to do without me.
I am going to close my eyes.
And I want five things only,
five chosen roots.
One is an endless love.
The second is to see the autumn.
I cannot be if the leaves
don’t fly and fall to earth.
The third is the solemn winter,
the rain I loved, the caress
of fire on the wild coldness.
In fourth place, summer
plump as a watermelon.
The fifth thing is your eyes.
Matilde, my dear love,
I will not sleep without your eyes,
I do not want to be if you’re not looking at me:…..”

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