Looking for one more great summer mystery to read ? I highly...

Looking for one more great summer mystery to read ? I highly recommend the novels of Margery Allingham. I recently came across this marvelous tribute to her by the Booker Prize winning writer A.S. Byatt. In the article she refers to Allingham as being one of the Three Queens of Crime : Allingham, Dorothy Sayers and Ngaio Marsh. (Wonderful film versions of all their characters are available.) All three women writers created crime fighters in the guise of young, aristocratic Englishmen. Marsh’s gentleman joined the police force and became Detective Inspector Alleyn. Sayers’s Peter Wimsey and Allingham’s Albert Campion disguised their brains and their steeliness beneath the veneer of a vacant, elegant men-about-town.
I highly recommend the audio versions of Allinghams books as well, BUT ONLY those read by the genius narrator, Francis Matthews. Newer, abridged audio versions published by Felony & Mayhem are truly awful and to be avoided. A Fashion in Shrouds, Mystery Mile, Sweet Danger, Black Plumes and Death of a Ghost with Matthews as narrator are available !

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