Favorite Teachers Contest Winners!Lori Reeves & Erika...

Favorite Teachers Contest Winners!
Lori Reeves & Erika Iverson

Wow! I think this has been our favorite contest ever.  I cried about eight times reading the lovely and moving testaments to hard working, gifted teachers. Your descriptions of the lasting comfort, encouragement, vision and guidance they gave, as well as sharing their expertise in history, English lit, mathematics, art, science and more, are unforgettable. We want to encourage all our fans to go here and read the testaments. http://www.oberondesign.com/pages/summer-contest   Let the teachers in your life know how much you appreciate them!

Teachers honored by name:
Mothers and Grandmothers, Dr. Maria Sirois, Mrs. Snyder, Ms. Peterson
Dwight D. McMahon, Mrs. Pohnor, Mrs. Herschbein , Mr. James Lenox
Brenda, Mr. Bowerman, Andrea Hollander, Sr. Clare, Maria Cancelarich
Dana Eversole, Eileen Hill, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Addie Hagans, Mrs. Gillespie
Mrs. Fuller, Michele Altenderfer, Mrs. Anita Parks, Mr. Gianni, Mr. John Tyler
Dr. James Peddie DVM, Sister Jameselle, Mrs. Celeste Brinkman
Zoe Webber, Miss Nelson, Dr. Dambek, Mrs. Swailes,Professer Victoria Dinopol
Miss Jones, Miss Riggs, Miss Fewings, Ms. Wilder, Mrs. Beckworth,
Rusty Wilson, Mrs. Williams, Mr. Fry.

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