Family CampingGrowing up, our family, a large one with not much...

Family Camping

Growing up, our family, a large one with not much cash, did lot’s of inexpensive camping. Our Dad was an inveterate backpacker, camper and fisherman. When we were little kids, many summer and winter weekend days were spent playing along local creeks and water ways. As teenagers, local hiking and backpacking in the Sierra’s was a regular activity with friends.There were annual trips to the Russian River in Sonoma County and to the Smith River on the CA border, and, in our thirties, a long stint of annual fishing and camping trips to Baja. Nature was a huge part of what we identified with and these traditions continue today. It feels wonderful to pass them on to younger generations along with a passion for gardening. At a time when visitations to National Parks have declined by 20% (don’t use it, you might lose it) Walmart sells insulin as a lost leader, ‘experts’ and educators discuss things such as ‘Nature Deficit Disorder‘ in children, and obesity rates are a frightening statistic, it’s time to Go Camping. Walk, swim, discover the beauty of small simple wonders, make memories and make sure no bear cubs can climb through your unclosed rental car window and chew up the upholstery…as happened to my brother on a recent trip we took to Trinidad CA, on the northern coast. We had a great time with the nephews hiking, visiting tide pools, hunting for agates at Patrick’s Point, playing catch and building sand castles on the beach. We remembered how, as children camping at Patrick’s Point, our loving oldest brother walked us up the trail with flashlights to the promontory of Wedding Rock and, lying on our backs, with the starry marvel of the night sky above us, he taught us the constellations. Happy together! That’s all that counts in the end!

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