Celebrating Robert McCloskey: Another wonderful children’s...

Celebrating Robert McCloskey: Another wonderful children’s author

When I was young growing up in California, I was in love with the state of Maine, largely due to McCloskey’s, One Morning in Maine and Blueberries for Sal, books my mother read us, simple tales about a young girl and her family during their summer’s on the coastal shores of Maine. They inspired in me a love of the all things ‘seashore’. My copies of these books, along with another great cautionary, seashore tale, Holiday For Edith and the Bears by Dare Wright,
and Seabird by H.C. Holling, I still have, but in tatters from overuse by myself and nieces and nephews. Nothing inspires a child so much as a good story. Make time for the seashore and good books this summer!

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