Archive Special - The Three GracesOur image is a rendering of...

Archive Special - The Three Graces

Our image is a rendering of Sandro Botticelli’s painting La Primavera (Spring) painted between the years of 1475-1478. It was painted by Botticelli for the Villa di Castello belonging to the Medici family of Florence Italy. Extensive analysis and interpretation have been given to the allegorical painting that includes the figures of Venus, goddess of love and patroness of change and renewal and the three Graces that our image depicts. The Graces were the daughters of Zeus, and they represent beauty, chastity and passion. Their names are Aglaia ‘who gives’, Euphrosyne 'who receives’ and Thalia 'who returns’. For those interested in the Renaissance period and/or the fascinating life of Botticelli, interpretations of La Primavera are a wonderful starting point of study.

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