Archive Special Red Winged BlackbirdOne of my personal favorite...

Archive Special Red Winged Blackbird
One of my personal favorite Oberon images of all time, partly because I love red-winged blackbirds and their lovely call, this image was introduced in Catalog #11 in 2006. Read the original image story below. It is available in Fern or Teal on large and small journal covers and large Moleskine Notebook covers thru Sunday, June 15th. It would make a wonderful gift for fathers or friends that are bird watchers!

Listen to a red-winged blackbird here:

Oberon Image Story

Crossing untamed fields in June, an echoing, dissonant birdsong penetrates the still air. A flash of iridescent black amongst cattails, closer, closer still, and we see the crimson shoulders; his wing fanned protecting his mate and the nest. We sit in tall grass, listening, comforted by his otherworldly yet joyful call.


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