A New Series on Journaling! Composition Notebooks:...

 A New Series on Journaling!
Composition Notebooks: http://ss1.us/a/wMY8JCLJ

Whether you’re traveling or relaxing in the backyard, at the beach or cabin, the dog days of summer are a great time to begin keeping a diary or return to the practice of journaling. A human activity since the 2nd century, journal keeping is a proven health benefit!

This post marks the being of a series on journaling that I’ll be posting every few days into September. I’ll begin with the history of journaling and famous diarists throughout history, and then we’ll discuss different themes and styles of journaling and the new science behind the health benefits of keeping a record of ones thoughts.

To start… what’s the difference between a diary and a journal? For our purposes, the terms will be generally synonymous. Both terms have formal meanings, a diary, such as a Presidential diary, is simple a daily list of everything you’ve accomplished or plan to do: dates, times, etc. A journal can be defined the same way. The terms diary or journal (a more modern usage) can also be defined as a record of your most personal thoughts, emotions and experiences. Typically a diary is used for private thoughts, where as a journal may also be personal accounting or a notebook created to document anything from weather patterns to a historical time capsule of current events, book and film reviews or a record of dietary intake or exercise. Tomorrow….The history of journaling

For more on the art journaling go to our how to page…. http://www.oberondesign.com/pages/all-about-journaling

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