A Customer Review...

“Had searched high and low in stores and on line for a suitable cover for my Kindle keyboard. Just couldn’t find the right one. What I wanted needed to keep my Kindle safe and protected, maintain its slim design, (afterall that’s one reason I don’t lug books around any more) and it had to be attractive. I was on another website, ready to make the purchase and the review for the product discouraged me. The reviewer mentioned that he had wished he had bought a hand tooled leather cover, that was made in America instead of what he bought. He also mentioned Oberon Designs by name. I went straight to the site.”

“First, the pics of the products caught my eye right away. They are gorgeous. I watched the video for my style Kindle and I felt assured I was buying something that would keep my device safe and secure. When I learned the dimensions of the cover, my second requirement was fulfilled. It would not bulk up my Kindle. When my cover was delivered I was sooo happy! Third requirement also fulfilled. It is BEAUTIFUL! I love carrying it around, I flash it for all to see. I am soooo pleased with my purchase. Everything they report about the product is true!! I’ve done my own "shake test” and my Kindle stays secure within its cover. I’m looking forward to watching the real leather age with time and my usage. I think it will only look better and richer with time. My friends with Kindles may be very lucky this year. It is on the top of my Favorite List and some might just be getting one for their special day gift.“

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