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Since the 1960’s, The Torrance Test of Creative Thinking has been used to test school kids in problem solving and divergent thinking. To no ones surprise, Torrance Test scores have been falling steadily since the 1990’s. A new revival of people identifying themselves as ‘Makers’ may change this for the better as well as, according to a new Pew Project poll, an increase in reading inspired by the eReader phenomenon.

Studies on the lives of geniuses, inventors, writers and artists (reference The Einstein Factor, by Win Winger Ph.D) reveal a prominent common denomination in their lives, that of Journaling.

Amazingly, what studies show is that you don’t have to be writing anything in particular for Journaling to be beneficial. The well documented and dramatic boost in memory and intelligence that comes from jotting down ones random thoughts or participating in a creative process, is simply the act of engaging oneself, not the potency, intelligence or originality of what’s been written or created.

Try making something or writing down your thoughts. It might change your life!

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