Books and Recommended Reading….I am always excited when I hear...

Books and Recommended Reading….

I am always excited when I hear that one of my favorite authors has a new book out. Francisco Goldman, is only “top ten” authors because of his books “The Divine Husband” ( my favorite! ), “The Ordinary Seaman” and “The Long Night of White Chickens”

I discovered him because one of my very favorite films, “Hombres Armados” directed by John Sayles, was very loosely based on “The Long Night of White Chickens”. Then I found “The Divine Husband” and I became excited to read everything he had written. He also has written a non-fiction tale called “The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed the Bishop?”, the story of the death of Bishop Juan Gerardi, Guatemala’s leading human rights activist. He also has a great but heartbreaking novel, “Say Her Name”, about the death of his wife in Mexico.

Now I have a new one to look forward to:

“The Interior Circuit: A Mexico City Chronicle”, Goldman’s exploration and celebration of present-day Mexico City.
 I hope that you find one of these suggestions interesting. I Just finished “Bel Canto” on my kindle. Any recommendations?

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